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When it’s time for a bold move, we develop creative strategies that unite, engage and inspire people to take the leap.

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Inspire action & ignite change

Transform your organisation

Big decisions impact your organisation on many levels. And if there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that change only lasts if everyone is on board. We help you and your teams develop the vision, give shape to the transformation and make it happen together.

Strengthen your brand

To build a strong relationship with your audiences, you need to make sincere, emotional connections. We help you deliver exceptional communication, reflecting your unique values, so you can stand out and truly make an impact.

Create compelling value propositions

It takes more than a compelling offer to claim your space within a market. We help you identify the opportunities to capture attention, meet client needs and exceed expectations.



Establishing a new category in yacht coatings

Sailing away on a yacht or a boat – it should be a celebration of the outdoors. Yet antifouling products are everything but environmentally sound. AkzoNobel International is one of the first to turn things around, with their new range of biocide-free fouling control products. They’ll protect the part of the boat that’s below the waterline, while minimising impact on the marine ecosystem. Finally! Now, we just needed all boaters to get onboard.

​​This project seemed very complex in the beginning, until we figured out we only had to turn everything upside down. We used this strong creative visual to unite everyone at AkzoNobel to get behind the product, and help roll it out with enthusiasm. Want to know more? Let us know.


Starting a customer centric way of working

As a medical engineering company, Roche Diagnostics faces the dual challenge of developing impeccable products while uncompromisingly meeting the needs of their customers. During the biggest internal transformation since the founding of the company, the Customer Experience team pushed to prioritise customer centric thinking – and to focus all processes on the customer journey. To shape this extensive change programme, we encouraged the internal audiences to put themselves in the shoes of their customers and meet their functional and emotional needs. This emphasised the relevance and significance of this new mindset in an engaging and playful way, and got all teams excited to participate in the change.

The work with Roche was very agile and based on multidisciplinary collaboration. We prototyped a lot and tested MVPs, which goes a bit against the idea of polishing and crafting – but delivers a much better result in the end. Would you like to hear more about it? You know where to find us.



Strengthening both brands, introducing the cooperation

A brand-new cooperation between two global leaders in air cargo: it’s nothing less than the start of a new era. But while it ultimately only yields benefits for both customers and stakeholders, blending two company cultures and ways of working can be a challenge. A shared vision, mission and value proposition are essential when you want to unite voices – and communicate your value to the outside world. So we set up a fast-paced, interactive process where the teams from both companies got together to give words to their shared future of accelerating airfreight.

This was a challenging project with grand results. It was ambitious and multi-faceted – just how we like it. We can tell you all the ins and outs. Just let us know when you want to know more.

Doing the right things
Doing things right
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Push through the boundaries

You don’t make a bold move alone. Getting people onboard requires a clear vision and focus – and that in itself can be quite an ask.

At Meijer + Walters, we help you do the right thing instead of just starting something. We’ll help you find true solutions to your actual needs. That means we’ll probably challenge your objectives, and that we’ll want you to take part in the process. It definitely means we’ll leave no stone unturned to get our creative and strategic quality to pixel perfect.

Because that’s how you get to concrete and actionable output. That’s how you unite others around shared goals. It’s when you discover the art of surprise and delight. And when you can accelerate success.

Bold moves take guts. But there’s only one way to find out just how far they can take you. Are you ready?


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